Hello again!

Hello everyone!

If you're new here, hello! If we're old friends, good to see you again.

teal glass coral fruit bowl

You've likely noticed the name change and sophisticated photos of the new look. This transition from stained glass, or often referred to as cold glass, to my current love, hot glass, has been unfolding for the last 9 years.

I've worked in glass since 1995 and have greatly enjoyed creating and restoring windows for homes, businesses and churches in that time. With raising my daughter in her earliest years in a glass studio, I had looked for a move that would address the safety of some of the products from the restoration and production of stained glass windows. As I was doing this, I began kiln-working with glass and realized that this new medium could also convey my deceptively simple designs, which most discover are not near as simplistic as they appear and have taken both time, and trial and error to achieve.

In such, many retailers have joined me in sharing these new works across the US, for which we are extremely grateful.

Now I'd like to introduce you to the new site, with in-stock glass wares which will have weekly restocks and current collections that are made to order with most turnaround times of 5-7 days.

Thank you for continuing to follow me in what brings me so much joy and inspiration.

We think you'll like the new products and will hopefully appreciate the inclusion of many of the old favorites.

Michelle <3

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