Best Public Open House Where We Drink Wine and Friends Shop for Stuff

I know it's October. I know no one (maybe?) is thinking about the holidays; but each year, I hear that some of our local friends who look forward to this event have something planned over it. SO, here is a bit of early planning if you are that person.

Also, can I tell you how much I LOVE seeing people excited about giving my work as gifts and the opportunity to come by the shop for actual shopping hours like in the past when I spent over 10 years being downtown with daily hours? It's really a highlight of the season for me. 

This event is open to the public (the wine is just an added optional Friday night shopping incentive) children are also welcome as my 10-year-old always has some holiday activity going on that she'll share with you.

I will share photos of many of the items that I'm working on as we get into November, no need to rush the weeks away! There will be many one-of-a-kind items available as well as past favorites.

We do hope you'll join us, spend a moment to chat, maybe hugs will be involved and see what Jack will be wearing to celebrate.

We hope you'll join us <3

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