Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Best Pot Roast Recipe

Why am I sharing a recipe on a glass website? Well, basically, because we all eat and I like to share stuff that might be helpful to someone.

This is definitely my favorite pot roast recipe, just like it should taste. This is the one that I make on Halloween night after Trick-or-Treating so it always reminds me of fall leaves, fun costumes and stolen Snickers candy bars (hey, I don't know why none of them ever make it back to the house either). 

Give it a try.

Here's the recipe and thanks to Cooking Classy for always having easy, delicious food options.

And that Good Grief cup? I LOVE IT and I give it to the one who is acting like the grumpiest person in the house on a regular basis. They know what it means.




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